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Kale Salad with Roasted Jalapeño Dressing

This kale salad with roasted jalapeño dressing and smoky chickpeas is a great hearty, belly filling salad. It can be made in advance so is great for meal planning, but also comes together quickly so is perfect for busy nights. Sometimes it happens to me. The unthinkable! I crave a salad for dinner. Ideally served …

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Chickpea and Spinach Curry

This Indian chickpea and spinach curry is a healthy and easy weeknight friendly recipe! It’s naturally vegan and gluten free, and delicious paired with basmati rice. Leftovers are great, as it tastes even better the next day! This recipe was sponsored by Pacific Foods. This Indian chickpea and spinach curry would be called chole palak, chole …

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Chorizo Chickpeas (vegan & gluten free)

These chorizo spiced chickpeas are pantry friendly and take under 10 minutes to make! Add these to salads, bowls, burritos, and more for an added protein and flavor boost! I love chickpeas (so much I named my website after them). They’re delicious on their own but so versatile too. They’re nutritious, full of protein and …

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Vegan Cabbage, Potato, and Chickpea Sheet Pan Dinner

This easy, simple, and nutritious vegan sheet pan dinner is perfect for lazy weeknights and slow Sundays. It’s got cabbage, potatoes, and chickpeas, tossed in a mustard vinaigrette and dressed up with a creamy tarragon gravy. Serve with some rice or bread and you’ve got a dreamy and nourishing meal! I feel very trendy right …

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Vegan Chicken Seitan Cutlets

These vegan chicken seitan cutlets are easy to make and perfect to use in any recipe that calls for chicken! A perfect plant based substitute that’s better for you and cheaper to make than any store bought option. These vegan chicken-style cutlets are made with a chickpea seitan, which combines the lovely chickpea with wheat …

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