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Crispy Coconut Tofu Poke Bowl with Wasabi Sauce

This crispy coconut tofu poke bowl is served with an easy wasabi sauce, seasoned sushi rice, vegetables, and topped with sesame seeds and chiles for a most delicious vegan and gluten free meal! It’s easy to mix and match with what you have on hand. Switch out the vegetables, use rice noodles, add an avocado, …

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Shredded Mushroom Carnitas

These shredded mushroom carnitas are made with king oysters and are an ultra flavorful, delicious, meaty, and easy recipe! They’re perfect for filling tacos, burritos, and more! I never thought I’d say this, but I’m crazy for vegan mushroom carnitas. They’re ultra savory, balanced with a hint of sweet. The texture delightfully chewy with crisped …

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Pesto Leek Pizza with Coconut Bacon

This vegan pesto leek pizza with coconut bacon is perfect for the spring and summer! This pizza is out of this world! Topped with pesto, charred leeks and charred corn, dollops of melty vegan mozzarella, and crispy coconut bacon (aka the pizza’s raison d’être). All over a pillowy pizza dough, baked up to hot, chewy …

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Roasted Broccoli Buddha Bowls

Broccoli is extra delicious in these roasted broccoli buddha bowls! Piled with quinoa, vegan sausage, fresh herbs, and an easy roasted red pepper sauce this recipe is hearty, healthy, and so good! Sometimes my recipes come about because I want to experiment in the kitchen–I like to work on new techniques or discover new flavors. …

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Salvadoran Salsa Roja (tomato sauce)

This mild Salvadoran salsa roja is super easy to make and delicious served with pupusas, on tacos, with tortilla chips, or anywhere you enjoy salsa! Salvadoran salsa roja has the consistency of a smooth Italian style tomato sauce, but the flavor you expect from a mild salsa. It’s delicious for scooping up with some corn …

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