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If malai kofta isn’t one of your top 5 Indian dishes you probably fall into one of these categories: you’ve never been to an Indian restaurant*, you’ve been vegan or lactose intolerant your whole life, you don’t like rich foods, or you’re really bad at ordering.

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Could there be a more perfect food than Thai-style curry? In the summer it helps keep you hydrated, filling you with liquid and keeping you thirsty (because, spicy!). In the winter, it warms your belly and leaves you nice and full. And green curry is the freshest tasting of the curries, chock full of lemongrass, …

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There’s something extremely satisfying about eating the pillowy soft dough of a steamed bun. Tender and moist in texture, yeasty and slightly sweet in flavor. I think it’s perfect when accompanied by a bold, savory filling (I’ve never been that into sweet versions, like red bean paste steamed buns). A lifelong vegetarian, my life has …

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