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Smashed Potato Herbed Salad

This smashed potato herbed salad is the perfect summery dish! It’s a must make for your next cookout, a delicious accompaniment to your meal that just happens to be vegan and gluten free. It’s made with smashed potatoes and a mouth watering lemon herbed cashew dressing. I love potato salad, with its buttery soft potatoes …

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Kale Salad with Roasted Jalapeño Dressing

This kale salad with roasted jalapeño dressing and smoky chickpeas is a great hearty, belly filling salad. It can be made in advance so is great for meal planning, but also comes together quickly so is perfect for busy nights. Sometimes it happens to me. The unthinkable! I crave a salad for dinner. Ideally served …

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Cashew Ranch Dressing

This cashew ranch dressing is a dream! It’s lusciously creamy and deliciously flavored. It makes a great salad dressing or dip for your vegan wings, really anywhere you’d enjoy the traditional non-vegan version! When it comes down to it, I’m team creamy dressings. Creamy everything if we’re heading down the road of full honesty. Ranch …

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Za’atar Pasta Salad

This za’atar pasta salad has a Middle Eastern theme, with a delicious and simple za’atar lemon vinaigrette, roasted eggplant, and cherry tomatoes. It’s completely vegan and can be made gluten free! I’m a fan of all things pasta–I mean, who isn’t! I’m also pro-picnic, pro-potluck, pro-casually bring a dish to your friends house. And occasionally …

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Grilled Salad with Smoky Lentils

This grilled salad with smoky lentils is a delicious and healthy vegan and gluten free meal or starter. It’s made with grilled heirloom radicchio, but is also delicious with romaine. Served with roasted sweet potato and baby kale for some delicious sweetness to balance the smoky. If you’ve never grilled your greens yet, it’s time …

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Kale Salad with Roasted Garlic Tahini Dressing

This delicious kale salad with roasted garlic tahini dressing is tossed with roasted sweet potatoes and kidney beans for a hearty meal or nutritious side salad! After a month of pasta for dinner*, I find myself craving some serious greens. Vegetables become front and center of my meals, and I find myself effortlessly getting the …

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