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Vegan Korean BBQ Burgers

These vegan Korean BBQ burgers are loaded with flavor. Made with tempeh for protein packed goodness, glazed with a Korean barbecue sauce, and topped with a kimchi slaw they are veggie burger perfection! I am obsessed with these vegan burgers! We’ve got a toothsome, flavorful tempeh patty glazed with an umami rich Korean barbecue sauce. …

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Vegan Tempeh Maple Breakfast Sausage Patties

We have an addiction with a certain vegan maple breakfast sausage over here. Fellow seitan-loving Americans probably know which ones I’m talking about. And while we’re probably not going to stop buying them anytime soon (hello, convenience), I wanted to make a homemade version! And so, these tempeh maple breakfast sausage patties were created. A …

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Hoisin Glazed Tempeh Bowls

Grain/buddha bowls have been hip for years, and I can see why. They’re super versatile, stuffed with veggies and your choice of protein, usually served with a whole grain, smothered with a yummy sauce, and the perfect vehicle for eating more avocados. They also are great for meal-planning and meal prepping. The veggies can be batch …

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Vegan Chipotle Mac and Cheese with Spicy Tempeh Crumbles

I think everyone needs at least 500 vegan mac and cheese recipes. This is possibly a conservative estimate, but you have to start somewhere! If you’ve been visiting my site for awhile, you’ve probably noticed that I make a lot of spicy food and have a particular love for chipotle, and so it’s probably unsurprising to …

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Tamarind Glazed Tempeh with Stir Fried Vegetables and Rice Noodles

I love the fresh and vibrant flavors in this tamarind flavored dish. Tangy, sweet and sour tamarind is the perfect accompaniment to the nutty flavor of tempeh, which is enhanced with a spoonful of delicious almond butter. The tangy glaze is balanced with some sweet agave nectar, and a healthy dose of spicy heat. The …

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Corned Tempeh Pasties

You want a pasty? I want a pasty. Corned tempeh pasties! Flakey layered pastry dough filled with a zesty corned tempeh and mashed potato filling that is peppered with scallions, which provide an oniony bite. A riff on your typical meat and potatoes pasty, but with healthy tempeh, which provides a great meaty texture without all the heaviness. …

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