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Vegan Brioche (with step-by-step instructions)

This vegan brioche is as buttery tasting and tender as a traditionally made loaf. It’s soft and a bit chewy, delicious plain or toasted and topped with jam or cashew cheese. Before we begin, I give a lot of information and step-by-step instructions in the post. If you prefer to just skip to the recipe, …

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Quick and Easy Homemade Breadsticks with Spicy Marinara

In high school I used to eat breadsticks for lunch multiple times a week. I know, I was pretty much living the dream life. These days my bread consumption had shifted to the morning, as I’m usually enjoying slices of homemade bread or a toasted bagel with a cheesy spread for breakfast. But that doesn’t mean I …

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Vegan Curry Seitan Steamed Buns (Siopao)

There’s something extremely satisfying about eating the pillowy soft dough of a steamed bun. Tender and moist in texture, yeasty and slightly sweet in flavor. I think it’s perfect when accompanied by a bold, savory filling (I’ve never been that into sweet versions, like red bean paste steamed buns). A lifelong vegetarian, my life has …

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