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Vegan Taco Pinwheels

These vegan taco pinwheels have seasoned black beans, vegan chorizo, and vegan cheese wrapped in flaky pastry. Serve them with your favorite taco toppings and they make a crowd-pleasing appetizer or snack. They’re delicious warm or at room temperature. Your search for your next greatest party appetizer (or just Friday night snacky dinner) is over! …

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Chimichurri Loaded Sweet Potato Fries

These chimichurri loaded sweet potato fries are a quick & easy, healthy & hearty, insanely delicious meal! We’re talking garlicky chimichurri paired with earthy black beans, dollops of creamy almond cheese, buttery avocado, spicy fresh chiles, and lots of fresh chives.. all over crisp, oven baked sweet potato fries!

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Vegan Smothered Burritos with Red Sauce

Are you Team Taco or Team Burrito? These days, I’d probably have trouble picking a side, but I was staunchly Team Burrito throughout childhood. Burritos were actually one of my favorite foods, if there was a burrito on the menu, you bet I’d be ordering it! There is just something so satisfying about burritos, whether …

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Vegan Southwestern Black Bean Burgers

I would hazard a guess that every vegan and vegetarian and most non-veggie eaters have had a black bean burger before (at least in the US). They are certainly one of the most common veggie burgers offered at restaurants and in stores. And for good reason! They’re delicious, and a vegetarian classic. There might a …

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