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Raita is a cooling yogurt-based Indian sauce with cucumber and mint. This vegan version is quick and easy to make and tastes just like the original! Yogurt is a cornerstone of Indian meals, it’s served alongside the spicy curries to temper the heat. It can be served plain, which does the trick, or made into …

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There’s something super satisfying about having burgers for dinner. For some reason, they really feel like a special occasion food, or something I’m more likely to order at a restaurant than make at home (though a quick look through my site belies that.. I clearly love making veggie burgers haha). And they’re particularly special when …

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If malai kofta isn’t one of your top 5 Indian dishes you probably fall into one of these categories: you’ve never been to an Indian restaurant*, you’ve been vegan or lactose intolerant your whole life, you don’t like rich foods, or you’re really bad at ordering.

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