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These vegan sheekh kababs are meaty Indian-syle (if we’re being specific they are Pakistani/Sindhi-style) skewers. Kebabs are heavily spiced and deliciously flavorful. They’re great served with basmati rice or paratha. This style of sheekh kabab (also spelled seekh kebab) is super popular in the Sindh province of Pakistan, where my dad grew up. It’s a …

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There’s something super satisfying about having burgers for dinner. For some reason, they really feel like a special occasion food, or something I’m more likely to order at a restaurant than make at home (though a quick look through my site belies that.. I clearly love making veggie burgers haha). And they’re particularly special when …

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If malai kofta isn’t one of your top 5 Indian dishes you probably fall into one of these categories: you’ve never been to an Indian restaurant*, you’ve been vegan or lactose intolerant your whole life, you don’t like rich foods, or you’re really bad at ordering.

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