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Olive oil and garlic linguine is served atop an easy vegan whipped pea ricotta. This quick recipe makes a flavorful and delicious dinner, and is easily made gluten free! I’m of the opinion that the internet needs more pasta recipes. Particularly those that involve olive oil and garlic linguine on beds of vegan whipped ricotta!! …

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If malai kofta isn’t one of your top 5 Indian dishes you probably fall into one of these categories: you’ve never been to an Indian restaurant*, you’ve been vegan or lactose intolerant your whole life, you don’t like rich foods, or you’re really bad at ordering.

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Last week I roasted and filled red bell peppers and was reminded how fun and easy and it is to make stuffed foods. It inspired me to make these pea ricotta stuffed shells with a red wine marinara not even a week later! Like lasagna or other noodle-based casseroles, the shells are great hot out of the oven …

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