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Vegan Baked Gnocchi with Arrabbiata

This vegan baked gnocchi with arrabbiata is pure comfort food. It’s made with a homemade arrabbiata sauce and a homemade vegan mozzarella sauce. It’s best served bubbly hot, with enough for seconds! I love having gnocchi on hand, because it means satisfying, quick, and easy meals are a hop and a skip away. This baked …

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Vegan Brown Butter Gnocchi

Toasty gnocchi, crispy golden-browned outside and pillowy soft inside. Rich, nutty-tasting roasted pine nuts, thinly sliced garlic that caramelizes a golden brown, and dried rubbed sage pairs perfectly in this incredibly easy, 8-ingredient, 15-minute recipe for vegan brown butter gnocchi. That’s right, I said vegan brown butter. What, you thought that only cow’s milk based butter …

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