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Vegan Ermine Frosting (Flour Buttercream)

Vegan ermine frosting is a perfect buttercream for decorating your vegan cakes and cupcakes! It’s an incredibly smooth and light frosting, and can even be piped. Ermine frosting, also known as old-fashioned frosting or cooked flour frosting, is a lusciously smooth and light tasting buttercream. It’s super creamy with a soft mouthfeel, not too sweet, …

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The Ultimate Homemade Sandwich Rolls

I’m going to say something that’s possibly a bit controversial: sandwiches are only as good as their bread. You can have the most delicious filling but if the bread sucks, the sandwich will always fall short of good. And you can’t beat freshly baked bread. The crust is more tender, the insides perfectly soft but …

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